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1. Consultation

Schedule a non obligatory consultation with our lovely business development team. During the consultation, our team will document how you would like to index, categorise and list your medical records.

2. Secure & Tag

After your consultation, we will arrange for our operations team to dropoff a few boxes for you to start packing. Once complete, we will then secure and seal your boxes with numbered zip tags. These tags will ensure your records are safe and sound when they reach our secure scanning location.

3. digitisation

We will then begin to scan and digitising your medical records. Our specialised scanning team is highly trained and capable of handling your medical records in a meticulous manner. Next, our compliance team will ensure that all records are indexed and categorised to your specifications before we upload your records into our safe and secure document management portal.

4. document portal

Congratulations! All your medical records have now been digitized. We will give you access to a secure and encrypted document management portal where you will be able to view your records. Our document management portal is also housed on the cloud server – which means you will be able to access your scanned notes anytime, anywhere and on any device!

THE PRomise

easy to use

We want to make sure that your records are accessible to you even whilst your physical documents are safely stored in our warehouses.

Our document management portal will allow you to view, tag, organize, search, and download your scanned documents – so they’ll be easily accessible without taking up valuable space.

authenticity and reliability

Our scanning process is Singapore Evidence Act Certified. This means that all documents digitized, stored and managed by Vault Dragon will be admissible in Singapore courts as primary evidence (as good as the physical copy).

The scanned documents will also be presumed authentic, reliable and accurate.

security is everything

Vault Dragon takes the security of your data seriously. Data privacy is maintained as your scanned documents are encrypted at rest, as well as in-flight for enhanced security measures.

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